8th Grade Volleyball Picks Up Win Over the Titans

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Coach Howard's Recap - The 8th grade volleyball girls met LC at home Tuesday night. The A team managed to scrape up a win.   Scores were 25-11, 25-20, and 15-10.  The girls struggled in the second set and seemed to miss key serves and defensive opportunities. The girls had 7 net violations and need to clean up that play.   The team will regroup in practice and come back ready for Creston.  There were a few highlights: Maddie C. had a 7 point serve streak in set one, Lauren R. was 12 of 12 in all 3 sets, Abby H had 5 hits and 2 kills.  In set 3, Kamryn C. was on the serving line when Glenwood was down by 3, and she served a streak to get Glenwood up by 4! The B team was not as lucky, falling to the Titans in their match.  However, the girls had success in set two.  Scores were:  21-25, 25-17, and 13-15.  The team was 96% from the line, that is a staggering stat.  But wavering offense and lack of communication meant a loss of the match.  Alyssa B., Alyx D. and Kyndal N. played solid for the Rams on the left side.  Harbour B and Lexie S had 2 hits each.  The C team came out winners with scores of: 25-9, 25-6, 15-10.  The girls have improved and played outstanding!! Lillie A was 10 of 11 serving, Lexie C was 11 of 13 and Alyssa F 9 of 11.    Other players experiencing success behind the line tonight:  Emily S., Kyndal N, and Ashlyn S.  Victoria S. came in for defense and played her best game to date along with Presley T.  Nikki N. was a solid all around player in the front row and back row.  Izzy G and Izzy R. played tough defense for the Rams.  Good job girls, proud of you!!