Anderson, Sherry, Bales and Sanders All Advanced to the Quarterfinals

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Trevor Anderson defeated Elijah Demmer (32-14 Junior) of EWD by MD 15-6.

Trevor Anderson will wrestle Gabriel Kjeldgaard (40-12 Senior) of Lewis Central in the quarterfinals.



Jordan Renshaw lost to Jacob Herrmann (37-15 Junior) of WSR by dec. 6-3.

Jordan Renshaw will face Austin Clark (26-17 Senior) of NSE on the backside of the bracket.



Brett Mower lost to Nelson Brands (52-1 Senior) of ICW by TF 22-7.

Brett Mower will face Jake Matthaidess (37-6 Sophomore) of NSE on the backside of the bracket.



Anthony Sherry defeated Zach Needham (35-15 Sophomore) of DCG by TF 19-4.

Anthony Sherry will face Joel Shapiro (37-0 Senior) of VWDM in the quarterfinals.



Kenny Lampman lost against Dalton Sell (32-12 Junior) of MUSC by dec. 14-8.

Kenny Lampman will face Enutifa Gamia (26-26 Senior) of ICW on the backside of the bracket.



Isaac Bales defeated Beau Lombardi (33-8 Junior) of VWDM by dec. 6-3.
Isaac Bales will face Greg Hagan (36-1 Junior) of DCWD in the quarterfinals.



Caleb Sanders defeated Justin Campbell (22-21 Junior) of CEFA by Fall 4:26.

Caleb Sanders will face Jacob Murry (36-11 Junior) of ICCH in the quarterfinals.