Battle of the Unbeatens

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Friday the girls tennis team swept Atlantic 9-0 to make their overall record now 6-0. Glenwood won sixty four out of the seventy two games played. The Rams look impressive heading into their biggest week of the season thus far.


Tomorrow (Tuesday April 25th) the Rams will host the undefeated Shenandoah Fillies. The Fillies have won every meet this season 9-0 or 8-1. Monday the Fillies host Southwest Valley. If Shenandoah defeats S.W.V. they will also have a 6-0 record on the line Tuesday against the Rams.


Glenwood and Shenandoah both competed in the 2017 Fillies Tennis Invitational back on April 8th. The invitational consisted of four teams (Denison, Glenwood, Shenandoah and St. Albert). The Rams and Fillies were tied at the end of the tournament with 12 points a team but the Rams were crowned champions after the tiebreaker (fewest games lost by entire team). Nicole Gilbert (Shenandoah) defeated Cameron Rounds (Glenwood) 6-0, 6-0 in the first rounds of #2 singles. The doubles team of Brielle Smith and Sierra Stouder (Glenwood) defeated M. Cepeda and Natalie Gilbert (Shenandoah) 6-2, 6-3 in the finals of #2 doubles.


Let’s take a look at both Glenwood’s and Shenandoah’s schedules so far.


Shenandoah 5-0  (will play Southwest Valley today)

Won 8-1 at Clarinda

Won 8-1 at St. Albert

Won 9-0 at Abraham Lincoln

Won 8-1 vs. Red Oak

Won 9-0 vs. Harlan


Glenwood 6-0

Won 6-3 at Lewis Central

Won 9-0  at Sioux City West

Won 9-0 at Sioux City East

Won 5-4 vs. Red Oak

Won 9-0 vs. Harlan

Won 9-0 vs. Atlantic


Projected Lineups


#1 Sarah Wood 9-0 (64-13 game record) vs. Ellie Osterloh 8-3 (66-36 game record)

#2 Nicole Gilbert 8-1 (59-27 game record) vs. Brooklyn Taylor 6-0 (50-27)

#3 Marilyn Cepeda 3-0 (24-1 game record) vs. Ruby Crow  6-0 (48-5 game record)

#4 Delaney Bopp 2-1 (20-18 game record) vs. Brielle Smith 1-0 (8-2 game record)

#5 MiKayla Adkins 5-0 (40-11 game record) vs. Erin Stanley 1-0 (8-2 game record)

#6 Natalie Gilbert 4-0 (32-7 game record) vs. Sierra Stouder 4-0 (32-8 game record)

*records according to (players sometimes change order in lineup)



#1 Wood/ Nicole Gilbert vs. Osterloh/Taylor

#2 Cepeda/Bopp vs. Crow/Stanley

#3 Adkins/ Natalie Gilbert vs. Smith/Stouder


This should be a fantastic match to watch. If you are a fan of Glenwood, Shenandoah or tennis stop by the Glenwood tennis courts at 4:30.


Hopefully the weather holds out for the great match!