Boys Tennis Gets Second Win with Another Shut Out

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Last night the boys tennis team traveled to Corning, Iowa and took on Southwest Valley. The Rams won 9-0 getting their second shut out in a row. The Rams are now 2-0 on the season and 18-0 in total games played. Glenwood will go on the road again Monday at Lewis Central before having their home opener Tuesday vs. Atlantic.


1. Sam Lauritsen 8-6 Dalton Davis

2. Alex Chekal 8-2 Nic Frede

3. Aaron Bertini 8-0 Bryce Newton

4. Adam Konfrst 8-2 John Kinser

5. Sean Harper 8-2 Quenten Scott

6. Ethan Thompson 8-2 Trevor Holbrook


1. Lauritsen/Chekal 8-1 Davis/Frede

2. Bertini/Konfrst 8-0 Newton/ScottPalmer

3. Harper/Thompson 9-7 Kinser/Holbrook


JV winners

Mintle/Campbell 6-4

Murphy/Ruth 7-6

Barh/Benson 6-4

Gunderson/Meyers 6-0



Keep it up boys!