Coach Benson's Recap from ADM

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Picture from Glenwood Girls Soccer

April 21st

Glenwood 0 Bondurant-Farrar 1

Shots - 10

Shots on Goal - 5

Kendall Bardsley played in goal and had 11 saves.

Goal:  #9 Bondurant-Farrar in OT 63:42


“Bondurant seemed to control the tempo early in the game for the first 10 minutes.  After that, the Glenwood girls started to connect their own passes and get chances on goal.  It was scoreless into the second half, where Glenwood seemed to have the momentum and was controlling the field. They just couldn't find a way to score.” said Coach Benson


“The game went into overtime.  Early in the first overtime, #9 on Bondurant-Farrar broke through on a through ball to go one-on-one with Kendall Bardsley.  She was able to pass it past Kendall for the game winning goal.” said Coach Benson


“It was disheartening to lose after the girls worked so hard.  We started the game off a bit slow, but then picked it up and had Bondurant on their heels.  We just struggled to find a way to score.  We had shots, but many were not on frame and the ones that were the goalkeeper was able to save.  The girls never gave up and gave it their all.  I am definitely proud of their effort.” said Coach Benson


April 22nd

Glenwood 0 Grinnell 1

Shots - 13

Shots on Goal - 8

Hayllee Sell played in goal and had 5 saves.

Goal:  #9 Grinnell 51:54


“Glenwood started the game with high pressure all over the field against Grinnell.  They kept exposing the diagonal outside runs on Grinnell, however, struggled to score.  Grinnell started to string some passes together late in the second half.  They were able to slip a ball through the defense and it was a one-on-one against Haylee Sell which they were able to score on.

Once again, we struggled to score.  We played the better game and controlled the ball.  We did a great job penetrating Grinnell's defense, but we still need to work on scoring the opportunities we are given.  I think it was our best game to date that we played so it makes it even harder that we lost.  We have a tough couple of weeks so the girls are going to have to bounce back and continue to do their best.” said Coach Benson