Coach Howard's Recap in Sweep Over Creston

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Congrats go to the 8th grade RAMS for their match SWEEP of Creston in their last Middle School home game ever, on October 5th.  The Rams were just too much for the Panthers in all groups.  The A team won handily with scores of: 25-3, 25-9, and 15-3.  The Rams serving percentage at 90% overpowered the Panther defense. The following were at 100%: Maddie C. 17 of 17, Lauren R. was 15 of 15, Brynlee A 12 of 12.  The Maddie C scoring drive, made rotation hard because she took care of business.  Others served well too: Kam C was 3 of 4, Abby H. was 7 of 8, Kennedy J 2 of 3.  Brynlee A, Maddie C, Lauren R., Abby H., and Kennedy J all had blocks on the night.  Playing defense in the back row was Libero Sarra L and Terah J, and defensive specialist Maddie B, between all three they made over 20 passes that were clean and accurate.  These three girls had their best night all season.  The B team, who had a rough patch in Red Oak and at home with LC, came in with a new attitude and slightly different line up and impressed for sure!  Scores were:  25-11, 25-17, 15-10 for the match win!  The group had some serving struggles, but still brought some solid numbers: Lexie S. was 5 of 6, Alyssa B was 5 of 6, with 2 aces, Lacee M was 9 of 10 with 1 ace, Lexie C was 8 of 9, Carsyn K was 10 of 11.  Between Terah J and Maddie B 26 passes were made, of which only 3 were inaccurate.  Alyssa B, Lexie S, Harbour B, Alyx D., and Carsyn K had some solid hits for the Rams.  Kyndal N., Lillie A, and Lexie C. came in to help out the Rams, playing solid volleyball.  The C team had as much success in set one and two scoring 25-12, and 25-18 for the match win. Set 3 went to Creston 6-15.  The team played very well, going against a smaller number of Creston girls, so playing the A and B girls.  Serving percentage as a group was not where we wanted it, but some individuals stepped up big and lead the way to victory.  The following girls had good nights of serving:  Kyndal N. was 6 of 7, Lillie A was 6 of 6 with 1 ace, Ashlyn S. was 3 of 4 with 1 ace, Presley T was 4 of 4, Bailey K was 6 of 7, Izzy R was 5 of 6, Lexie C was 9 of 9 with 1 ace.  Defensive player of the night was Nikki N who showed solid defense in the back row! Also having some nice passes that night were: Tori S, Emily S., Izzy G., Bailey K. , Izzy R.  Some hits were made in the front row, helping the offensive attack.  Alyssa F., Bailey K., Ashlyn S. and Aza S. played great net play.