Coach Howard's Recap vs. Harlan

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8th Grade Volleyball vs. Harlan

The Harlan Cyclones came storming into the Rams gym on Monday night.  The A team was not quite prepared for the scrappy, battling team that Harlan seemed to be.  But the Rams showed their fighting spirit by coming back from a 9 point deficit to defeat the Cyclones with scores of:25-16, 25-18, and  17-19 for the match win!! Part of what helped Glenwood out of it’s slump was good serving!  All A players turned in some amazing serving stats.  Elle S. was 8 of 9, Bree S. was 10 of 11, Jozie K. was 7 of 8, Morgan S. was 7 of 7 along with Grace B., and Kelly E. was 11 of 12.  All  in all the team was 93% serving from the line.  Harlan was the best defensive team the girls had seen all season, but the Rams just continued to better their offense for the night to win the match.  The team brought some impressive numbers in hitting with 53 hits on the night and 14 kills.  Elle S. had 6 kills on the night, and Bree S. had 3 and Grace B. had 3.  Glenwood also had a total of 12 blocks on the night.   Glenwood’s defensive play did not go unnoticed in game 1 and 2 with Avery B. playing some amazing defense as libero, with 4 saves, and 5 digs.

The B team came out pumped and ready to play winning their match with scores of:25-14, 25-5, and 15-4, playing their best match of the season!  Again, strong Ram serving helped with the win.  The Rams recorded an impressive 90% serving from the line.  Sophie B. was big for the Rams with 100% serving 14 of 14 and Delaney M. also 100% with 5 of 5.  Other contributors were: Erin S. 12 of 15, Camryn Y. 14 of 15, Kalainee T. 7 of 8.  Some quick offensive play from Glenwood helped in the overwhelming win.  The following all had 2 kills on the night:  Kalainee T., Tori H., Erin S., and Camryn Y.  Kalainee T. and Tori H. both combined to make 4 blocks in the match play.  Marissa A. as Libero played some outstanding defense, making 3 saves and had 2 digs.  Marissa A. and Erin S. also showed some outstanding leadership.

The C team played some of the best ball they have played all season as well.  The team won their match with scores of:  25-15, and winning the match with a nail biter score of 27-25!! The girls fell in game 3 with a 11-15 loss.  Coming up big from the serving line were:  Grace M. 10 of 13, Darrian H. 5 of 6, Cadyn Y. 3 of 3, Aspyn W. 4 of 4, Amanda K. 4 of 5, and Maddie D. 6 of 7.  Kaylin G. was credited with good defense, along with Mackenzie W., Grace M., Maddie D., Zoie T. and Aspyn W.  Savannah R., Grace M., and Aspyn W. all combined to show good leadership on the court.  The girls have improved a lot this season and are working together to win games!!