Coach Howard's Volleyball Recap for 8th Grade

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Glenwood 8th Grade Volleyball News: Homecoming week



Monday the 25th of September:  the 8th grade B-C volleyball girls took on Fremont Mills.  They were ready and excited about taking on a team we have never played before.  The B team won their match with scores of: 26-24, lost set two 18-25, and won set 3 easily 15-3!  Highlights were Carsyn K. serving 20 of 20 for 100% from the line, Lacee M. was 10 of 11.  Harbour B. was 4 of 4 hitting, and Maddie B. was successful setting with 17 sets on the night.  Alyssa B. and Alyx D. came up big in defense for the RAMS.  The C team was also successful winning their match.  25-12, 25-14, and 15-4, once again dominating the third set.  Lexie C. was solid on the serving lie with 13 of 14, as was Alyssa F. 8 of 8 and Izzy R. was 10 of 10.  Nikki N. was solid defensively and Ashlyn S had two big hits from the front row.  


Tuesday the 27th the RAMS took on the Shenandoah Phillies.  The A team won the match and all 3 sets with scores of: 25-9, 25-5, 15-8.  The team as a whole was 92% from the serving line, out serving the Phillie’s team.  Abby H. had her best serving night with 100% serving and 1 Ace.  Kamryn C. was 6 of 7 and 1 ace, Kennedy J. was 12 of 13 with 3 Ace serves.  Maddie C. was 12 of 13 with 3 Aces.  Brynlee A. came up big hitting wit 8 hits, and 3 kills.  Sarra L. had her first night as Libero and played solid defense in the back row.  Lauren R and Maddie C had over 25 sets as setters.  Maddie B. played solid back row play for the RAMS.  The B team won their match and all three sets as well with scores of: 25-9, 25-22, and 15-9.  The team served 88% from the line as a team.  Leading the way were Maddie B. 17 of 19, Lacee M. 5 of 5, serving 14 of 16 with 3 ace serves was Carsyn K.  Alyssa B was 8 of 9.  Lexie S had 3 nice right side hits, and Harbour B. had 2 kills.  Terah J. was solid on defense, passing 20 of 24 accuracy from the back row.  The C team fell in their match with scores of: 25-14 winning game one, 21-25, and 3-15.  However, even in not winning their match the group was 85% serving from the serving line.  Alyssa F. was 6 of 8, Bailey K. was 10 of 12 with 3 aces, Lillie A was a solid 8 of 8 from the line, and Lexie C. was 13 of 14 with 4 aces.  Izzy G. was 5 of 5 with 1 ace .  Defensively Aza S., Nikki N., Izzy R., Bailey K. and Kyndal N. were solid for the RAMS.  


Thursday night the 28th,  the RAMS traveled to Red Oak and again had something to prove to the Tigers.  The A team won their match, winning set one 25-19, falling in set two 12-25, and winning set three 15-12.  After some regrouping, and a stern time out talking to from Coach Howard, the girls came back with fire in set three.  Highlights:  Kamryn C. definitely had her best game of the season serving 12 of 12 from the line and 6 big hits and one kill, Lauren R. was solid for the Rams serving 10 of 11, and saving one ball on a key side out point for the team, Maddie C. was 11 of 12 serving, and teaming up with Lauren R., for 36 sets.  Brynlee A came back clawing in set three determined to shut down the Tiger defense in set three and that she did! She had 5 blocks in that set alone, in which 3 were on key points.  Kennedy J. also came fighting back with 3 kills in set 3.  Sarra L. played excellent defense in set three as well.  The B team needed revenge on the Tiger’s A team as well, and came up slightly short on the match but won set two 25-18 but not making our serves work for us or our clean passes, the Tigers won 1 and 3 26-24, and 15-12.  Lacee M. served solid with 11 of 11, along with Harbour B who was 11 of 12 and Alyx D. was 8 of 8.  Carsyn K. was solid in the middle with 15 hits and 3 were kills, Alyssa B had 3 kills, Alyx  D played her best game defensively and offensively.  The C match went to Glenwood with scores of: 26-24, 16-25, and 15-13.  Lillie A was 100% serving with 1 ace, Izzy G. was 7 of 8, Bailey K. was 5 of 7.  Ashlyn S had one block, Kyndal N. played well at the net, Aza S., and Bailey K. played solid defense.  The girls are starting to come together as a team.  There are 14 members of this team and learning to play together with that many are always hard, but they are adjusting well and learning their role.