Consistency is Key in Glenwood Basketball Programs Growth

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I took time recently to look at all the records from the 1913-14 season all the way to the current 2017-18 season. Lack of consistency is what stood out the most. From 1913-14 to 2006-07 Glenwood has only had 25 seasons that finished .500 or above. That’s not very good. From the 1960-61 season to 2005-06 season, Glenwood only had two seasons that were above .500.


We had  four straight years where Glenwood had a new varsity coach for the 2003-4, 2004-5, 2005-6 and 2006-7 seasons. In 2006-07, Coach Curt Schulte arrived in Glenwood, a town that saw only two boys basketball seasons above five hundred in the last forty-five plus years. Twelve years, 159 wins (71% winning percentage) and 8 .500 or above seasons later, Coach Schulte is still here and has built one of the better programs in the Hawkeye Ten. A big factor in that is consistency. Athletes are use to the offensive and defensive schemes. Athletes are use to what it takes to play and win on and off the court. Athletes are use to working with the same coach and not having to learn a whole new system from 7th grade to graduation.


Consistency has brought Ram Fans joy recently and this basketball season is on pace to be one of the best. Yesterday the boys basketball team finished their regular season at 19-2. Prior to this season the record for the longest winning streak at home was seven and that was set back in 1949.This year Glenwood has won all nine home games and dating back to last year they have put together thirteen home wins in a row (A little Hilton Magic of their own). Impressive,  right!

So far Glenwood has scored 1,536 points and the post season has yet to begin. Right now Glenwood is also averaging 73.2 points per game. Both of these numbers are well on pace to break the all-time records in Glenwood as well.


Most wins in a season? That is 25 dating back to 1951-52 by a team coached by Bill Miller. The 1951-52 team also has the best winning percentage for a Glenwood team at 86.2%. Glenwood has a shot to beat both of these in the up and coming weeks.


Below are some final statistics and records that I thought the community would enjoy reading.


Number of Varsity Boys Basketball Coaches from 1914-present - 29

Longest tenure head coach - Coach Schulte 2006- present (12 seasons)

Most wins in a season - 25 1951-52

Best Winning Percentage - 86% 1951-52 (25-4)

Most Points in a Game - 109 vs. Hamburg 1979

Most Points in a Quarter - 35 vs. Corning 1974

Most Points in a Half - 63 vs. Hamburg 1979

Most Points in one Season - 1,721 2015-16

Most Wins in a JV Season - 21 2017-18

Best Season F.T. Percentage -  74.3 2016-17

Best Season F.G. Percentage - 47%  2015-16 (48.5% 2017-18 currently)


Highest Coaching Career  Winning Percentage

82.69%  43-9 Bill Miller 1950-1952

71% 159-114  Curt Schulte 2006-present

64% 42-23 Gene Gettys 1952-1955

61% 16-10 G.T. Keefer 1931-1933

56% 25-19 Fred Humphery 1948-1950

56% 44-34 Pinky Struges 1926-1931

50% 40-40 Ed Flack 1957-1961