Fillies Defeated Glenwood on the Road

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Coach Ohm’s Recap



  1. Ellie Osterloh 3-8 Sarah Wood

  2. Brooklyn Taylor 8-6 Nicole Gilbert

  3. Ruby Crow 5-8 Marilyn Cepeda

  4. Brielle Smith 5-8 Delaney Bopp

  5. Erin Stanley 8-9 (2-7) Mikayla Adkins

  6. Sierra Stouder 7-9 Natalie Gilbert


  1. Osterloh/Taylor 2-8 Wood/Ni. Gilbert

  2. Smith/Stouder 4-8 Cepeda/Bopp

  3. Crow/Stanley 8-4 Adkins/Na. Gilbert


“The final score (2-7) doesn't showcase our effort for tonight. All of the girls battled. This is just a bump in the road and will only make us better. We will take our loss with pride and get better from it.

Osterloh was ahead 3-2 before falling to a very good player 3-8. Taylor started out a little slow but figured out what she needed to do to compete. She played very aggressive and won a tight one 8-6.  

Crow & Smith both lost 5-8. Both of the girls were up at the beginning and then fell behind. They did a great job of not giving up but fell short. Stanley & Stouder both lost very close matches.  Stouder lost 7-9 and Stanley lost 8-9 in a tiebreaker (2-7).  

  • Stanley trailed by one game most of the match.  Tied it up at 8-8 before falling in the tiebreak.

  • Stouder also trailed by one game early on before Na. Gilbert pull head 3 - 6 and then 4 - 7.  Stouder didn’t give up.  She caught up and was down 7 - 8 but lost the next game to lose the match 7 - 9.

The duo of Crow/Stanley won their doubles match 8-4.The scores mentioned above amaze me! This group of girls have a good thing going on. I know we can bounce back from this loss and be stronger the next time out.  We had 2 VERY close games and 2 other close games.  This match could have easily ended in our favor.  I am VERY proud of the girls and their efforts.” said Coach Ohm