Flood Information

More information concerning displaced families, shelters, and water situation. 

City of Glenwood, Iowa

March 18 at 4:57 PM ·

The City of Glenwood is working under the direction of the Mills County Emergency Management Agency (MCEMA) and with Mills County Public Health. We are sharing posts from them as we get them on our FB page as soon as we receive information.
We have had a lot of inquiries as to why the YMCA wasn't utilized. The decision was to take the displaced families to Council Bluffs; to avoid having to move them a 2nd time; should we have to shut down the Water Treatment Facility. As you know; this morning; we received notice thy were shutting down the facility.

We were able to open the campsites at Glenwood Lake Park. We have electricity at this time and working on getting portable restrooms . The YMCA has offered their facilities.
We shared a post from Shenandoah Recreation and Parks (below on our page) offering a place for people as well.

We are asking all residents to cut their water usage by 50%. We have listed ways to do this which was provided to us by GMU(water dept.) Look for the post on our page.

If you need help to find a place; please call Sheri Bowen's office at Mills County Public Health at 527-9699. The MCEMA number is 712-527-3643; GMU (water dept. is 527-4868) City hall/Chamber has received in donations of bottled water - we are at 5 N. Vine Street -

Our phone number is 712-527-4717 Please call us and we will help you anyway we can.