Girls Soccer 4 Creston 1

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Shots - 21

Shots on Goal - 16


Kendall Bardsley played goalie first half and had 2 saves; 0 goals against.

Hayllee Sell played goalie second half and had 4 saves; 1 goal against

Glenwood 4 Creston 1



6:15 Taylor Bardsley scored off a header from a corner kick; assist Nikki Schuppan

8:44 Nikki Schuppan scored from outside the 18 yard box on the left side going over the goalie's hands to the upper right corner of the goal; unassisted

58:15 Nikki Schuppan scored; unassisted

78:45 Nikki Schuppan scored; unassisted


"We were able to get 2 goals early on.  We struggled a bit after that to play cleanly.  It was windy and it took us a bit to settle the ball down and play to feet.  We went into halftime leading 2-0.  We found the goal about halfway through the second half to make it 3-0.  Shortly after our third goal, Creston earned a corner kick.  # 11 took the corner kick and bent it around and into the goal for a score.  We answered back putting the lead back to 4-1.I am happy we were able to get a win from the game.  Nikki was definitely on tonight and that definitely helped us finish out the game." said Coach Benson