Girls Soccer Wins Two Out of Three

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Great recaps from Coach Benson and Coach Bardsley


Glenwood Girls Soccer beat Denison 7-4. 

Kendall Bardsley (played 50 min) earned 8 saves and allowed 1 goal in the first half. Hayllee Sell (played 30 min) earned 5 saves and allowed 3 goals in the second half.


Shots - 34

Shots on Goal - 20



3:46 Abi Schultz scored; assist Katelyn Malcom

10:41 Nikki Schuppan scored; unassisted

12:19 #4 from Denison scored

13:10 Mia McCorkle scored; unassisted

33:59 Abi Schultz scored; assist Kari Schuppan

43:31 Abi Schultz scored; unassisted

53:01 Maiah Williams scored off a deflection from defender; assist Katelyn Malcom

61:32 Nikki Schuppan scored on a penalty kick (handball in the box)


64:10 #7 from Denison scored

66:30 #4 from Denison scored

69:40 #8 from Denison scored


“The Glenwood girls came out strong  against Denison tonight and Abi Schultz found the net within the first four minutes of the game from a perfect pass from Katelyn Malcom. The next goal for us came at 10:41 when Nikki Schuppan sent a perfect shot into the top corner of Denison's net. Denison's fast offense surprised our defense up the right side of the field and crossed a direct pass to our back post where their #4 was able to score at 12:19. Glenwood then turned it up a bit and got two more goals in before the half, a long high shot from Mia McCorkle and another hard shot to the back of the net by Abi Schultz from an assist by Kari Schuppan. Ended the half with a 4-1 score. Three minutes into the second half, Abi Schultz earned a hat trick with another hard shot on goal. At 53 minutes into the game, Katelyn Malcom sent in another perfect cross that Maiah Williams was able to put in the goal making it 6-1. A hand ball penalty against Denison in their box allowed Nikki Schuppan to send a perfect PK into the back of the net bringing the score to 7-1. The Glenwood girls had a little breakdown at 64 minutes into the game and gave Denison a chance to score three times bringing the score to 7-4, but Glenwood pulled off a good win tonight with three injured starters not suited up tonight.” said Coach Bardsley


Glenwood 0 Thomas Jefferson 4



Kendall Bardsley played first half and had 7 saves.

Hayllee Sell played second half and had 6 saves.



2:12 - #2 scored on a breakaway

29:08 - #11 scored on a breakaway

49:52 - #2 scored on a breakaway

60:22 - #14 scored on a PK


“It was a frustrating game.  It was cold and miserable.  We came out flat and never seemed to get any wind in our sails. TJ scored on three breakaways in the game.  Running a flat, high back line puts you at risk for those offensive threats.  We have some more work to do with our goalkeepers on breakaways.  We did play better in the second half but it was too little too late.” said Coach Benson


Glenwood 4 St. Albert 2

Goalies: Kendall Bardsley 6 saves/0 allowed

Hayllee Sell 6 saves / 2 allowed


Shots: 15

Shots on Goal:  10



5:37 Nikki Schuppan scored, assist Elisa Mulkerrin

12:00 Katelyn Malcom scored, assist Nikki Schuppan

23:12 Nikki Schuppan scored, assist Katelyn Malcom

24:22 Katelyn Malcom scored, assist Catherine Millar


61:40 #29 on St Albert scored

68:30 #17 on St Albert scored


“The girls played a good game tonight. We came out strong with high pressure and really tried to set the pace early which was effective. Our defense caught St Albert offsides several times during the game, so our offsides trap shut them down numerous times. The girls passed well and really connected with our outside passes to our outside mids who had some excellent crossing to our forwards. The team had a lot of wind in their sails in that first half with a 4-0 lead at halftime. St Alberts came out strong in the second half and were able to score twice, but we did shut down their PK attempt and were able to defend well. A couple injuries slowed us a bit in the second half, but the team remained focused on what they came to do, and they ended with a 4-2 win over a team we haven't beat in a few years!” said Coach Bardsley