Girls Tennis Picked Up Two Road Wins

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The girls have had a great start to their week by defeating Clarinda on Monday and St. Albert last night.


On Monday the girls traveled to Clarinda and defeated the Cardinals 8-1. Ellie Osterloh and Brooklyn Taylor both won close matches at the one and two spots for the Rams. Both girls won 9-7 in their singles matches against Maddie Hartley and Brooke Brown. Sophomore Ruby Crow had an impressive 8-0 win over Mihaela Fine at the number three spot.


“Osterloh & Taylor both had tough competition last night. Osterloh was up 4 - 3 before falling the next two games.  She bounced back winning the next 2 and finished ahead 9 - 7.  Taylor was down pretty much the entire game.  She was down 4 - 7 before fighting her way back.  She won the next 5 games in a row to win the match 9 - 7.  Taylor really showed a lot of determination and toughness.  She could have given up but she’s a competitor and I am very proud of her efforts last night. Crow, Stanley, and Rounds easily won their matches. Stouder was up 6 - 3.  Holmstrom put up a fight but Stouder was able to hang on to the victory with an 8 - 5 win. Crow/Stanley and Stouder/Rounds won their doubles matches. Stouder/Rounds had a rough start but fought back.They were down 0 - 3 & 1 - 4 before winning the next 7 games to win 8 - 4.  Tremendous efforts tonight by these two.  It is pretty impressive to win that many games in a row without dropping one. Osterloh/Taylor couldn’t find a rhythm last night in doubles.  They were down 0 - 3 before trying to put something together.  They tried to fight back but Hartley/Brown were just too much.” said Coach Ohm



  1. Ellie Osterloh 9-7 Maddie Hartley

  2. Brooklyn Taylor 9-7 Brooke Brown

  3. Ruby Crow 8-0 Mihaela Fine

  4. Erin Stanley 8-1 Delayne Glassgow

  5. Sierra Stouder 8-5 Riley Holmstrom

  6. Cameron Rounds 8-1 Jayden Eickemeyer


  1. Osterloh/Taylor 4-8 Hartley/Brown

  2. Crow/Stanley 8-3 Fine/Glassgow

  3. Stouder/Rounds 8-4 Holmstrom/Eickemeyer


On Tuesday the girls defeated a tough St. Albert team on the road 5-4. After singles the meet was tied 3-3 heading into doubles play. The match came down to the final doubles match as Ruby Crow and Erin Stanley defeated Caroline Faust and Meg Ross 9-8 (7-2) in a tiebreak. This was a great win for the girls and will help build momentum heading into postseason play.


“Taylor was up 4 - 3 before winning the next two to go up 6 - 3.  She then finished with the last two to win 8 - 3.  She played great and is playing very aggressive and is fun to watch.Crow was down 2 - 7 and fought hard to make it 5 - 7 before losing the next game to lose the match 5 - 8.  Crow could have easily given up being down 2 - 7 but she didn’t.  She is a competitor.  I am very proud of her effort tonight. Smith & Stouder won their matches easily. After singles the score was tied 3 - 3 and it would come down to doubles. After the first two doubles matches were done, the score was tied 4 - 4. It would come down to who would win the #2 doubles. Osterloh/Taylor bounced back from a loss last night to beat Faust/Fields 8 - 4. At #2 doubles, Crow/Stanley were up 5-4 before winning two consecutive games to go up 7-4.  Carlson/Ross fought back and won the next 4 games to go up 8 - 7.  We won the next game to tie it 8 - 8.  We won the tiebreaker 7 - 2 to win the match 9 - 8 and to WIN THE MEET 5 - 4.” said Coach Ohm



  1. Ellie Osterloh 1-8 Jenna Carlson

  2. Brooklyn Taylor 8-3 Caroline Faust

  3. Ruby Crow 5-8 Syd Fields

  4. Erin Stanley 3-8 Emma Barnes

  5. Brielle Smith 8-3 Alesha Johnson

  6. Sierra Stouder 8-1 Meg Ross


  1. Osterloh/Taylor 8-4 Faust/Fields

  2. Crow/Stanley 9-8 (7-2) Carlson/Ross

  3. Smith Stouder 3-8 Barnes/Johnson


The Rams are now 8-1 on the season with their only loss coming against the undefeated Shenandoah Fillies.