Glenwood 8 Treynor 2

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Coach Benson’s recap on the girls soccer win over Treynor.



Shots on Goal-19


Kendall Bardsley played first half in goal and was not scored on.  Hayllee Sell played second half in goal and was scored on twice.


Kendall Bardsley - 1 save

Hayllee Sell - 1 save



7:42 Nikki Schuppan scored off of a cross from Katelyn Malcom, assist Katelyn Malcom

18:34 Mia McCorkle scored on top of the 18 after receiving a dropped pass from Catherine Millar,  assist Catherine Millar

43:26 Kari Schuppan scored, assist Mia McCorkle

44:36 #29 on Treynor scored

47:01 #31 on Treynor scored

49:30 Kari Schuppan scored, unassisted

70:29 Maiah Williams scored off a pass back from Mia McCorkle, assist Mia McCorkle

72:08 Mia McCorkle scored, assist Kendall Bardsley

74:28 Kendall Bardsley scored off a cross from Katelyn Malcom, assist Katelyn Malcom

78:50 Katelyn Malcom scored off a cross from Mia McCorkle, assist Mia McCorkle


“We started clicking early in the game and were able to get a goal within the first 10 minutes.  Treynor tightened up their defense for the rest of the half but we were able to get one more goal in before the break.” said Coach Benson


“Treynor came out stronger in the second half after making some adjustments. We also came out strong and added a third goal pretty early in the second half. Treynor continued to push trying to score.  Treynor snuck through two through balls that they were able to score on.  We regained our composure and was able to score 5 more to make the game unreachable.” said Coach Benson


“Our offense was definitely on their A game today!  We have been struggling at times to score so it was great to see the girls be so offensive minded.  Treynor was able to get 2 goals from a 3 minute mental lapse the defense had.  The girls were able to communicate more and come together to prevent anymore mistakes.  After having a hard weekend in Adel,  I was happy to see the girls come back and pull out a win tonight!” said Coach Benson



Great win Glenwood