Glenwood Girls Tennis Proves They Are The Team To Beat In SW Iowa, Boys Tennis Defeats the Mustangs For Sixth Shutout In A Row

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Glenwood Girls Tennis Proves They Are The Team To Beat In SW Iowa, Boys Tennis Defeats the Mustangs for Sixth Shutout In A Row


Glenwood girls tennis won their biggest match of the season by defeating Shenandoah 6-3 last night. Both Glenwood and Shenandoah entered the match undefeated but the Rams showed how they are the best in SW Iowa with their win. Brooklyn Taylor, Erin Stanley, Brielle Smith and Sierra Stouder won their singles matches for Glenwood. Taylor and Smith each picked up wins in close battles over Natalie Gilbert and Mariah Munsinger. After singles the Rams took a commanding 4-2 lead over the Fillies heading into doubles.  Ellie Osterloh and Ruby Crow a great win defeating Nichole Gilbert and Magi Jones 8-5 at the number two doubles position to clinch the match. Brielle Smith and Sierra Stouder would also win their doubles match 8-6 over Delaney Bopp and Mariah Munsinger to pick up Glenwood’s sixth win.


This win gives Glenwood great confidence heading into Monday’s Hawkeye Ten Tournament. The girls are now 8-0 on the season and should be ranked in the top three after their big win over the Fillies.


Keep up the great work girls, GO RAMS!


Glenwood 6 Shenandoah 3


Ellie Osterloh 3-8 Nichole Gilbert

Brooklyn Taylor 9-8 Natalie Gilbert

Erin Stanley 8-2 Delaney Bopp

Ruby Crow 5-8 Mikayla Adkins

Brielle Smith 9-7 Mariah Munsinger

Sierra Stouder 8-4 Magi Jones


Taylor/Stanley 2-8 Gilbert/Adkins

Osterloh/Crow 8-5 Gilbert/Jones

Smith/Stouder 8-6 Bopp/Munsinger


Glenwood boys tennis continued their regular season dominance last night by defeating Shenandoah 9-0 at home. The Mustangs came into the match with only one loss on their record but the Rams proved why they are number three in the state. This win was Glenwood’s sixth straight 9-0 win over an opponent and the Rams improved their record to 8-0 on the season. Next up for the Rams will be 6-1 Denison on Friday where the Rams will try for their 30th straight regular season win.


I was impressed by the boys’ effort last night. The team is taking pride in defeating teams 9-0 when some matches they could have let slip away. Teams on our schedule know what their streak is and are giving the Rams their best outing everytime on the court. The boys continue to take each game by game and look forward to practice the next day to improve their skills. This team has a lot of potential as post season approaches and the boys will need to play their best each and everyday to reach their goals.


Keep up the good work Glenwood, GO RAMS!

Glenwood 9 Shenandoah 0


Joel Ibanez 8-0 Jacob Buzzard

Adam Konfrst 8-2 Trevor Finnegan

Kris Mintle 8-6 Austin Perrin

Carter Benson 8-1 P.J. Hielen

Josh Ruth 8-2 Nick Bartles

Calvin Little 8-5 Tyler Courtier


Ibanez/Konfrst 8-1 Buzzard/Finnegan

Mintle/Ruth 8-2 Perrin/Bartles

Benson/Little 8-3 Hielen/Courtier