Glenwood Tennis Sweeps Thomas Jefferson

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Glenwood defeated Thomas Jefferson yesterday 9-0 and are now 6-0 on the season. The Rams looked impressive in their victory over the Yellow Jackets. The boys had a busy week and I was glad to see the amount of energy by all the athletes during the meet. Next up for Glenwood will be the Mustangs on Tuesday. Shenandoah currently has a record of 3-2 on the season.


Glenwood 9

Thomas Jefferson 0



1. Alex Chekal 10-1 Daniel Krueger

2. Sam Lauritsen 10-3 Jayden Steele

3. Adam Konfrst 10-0 Tyler Belt

4. Kris Mintle 10-1 Alex Lakei

5. Carter Benson 10-5 Ryan Woolsoncroft

6. Josh Ruth 10-5 Nate Newton



1. Sam Lauritsen/Adam Konfrst 10-0 Daniel Krueger/Tyler Belt

2. Alex Chekal/Kris Mintle 10-2 JAyden Steele/Nate Newton

3. Carter Benson/Josh Ruth 10-7 Ryan Woolsoncroft/Alex Lakei