Kansas Relays Give Great Experience to Rams

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“The Kansas Relays were a good experience for the girls. There was great competition with the best athletes from several different states competing. No girls events placed in the top half of the field, but there was still plenty of positive throughout the weekend.” said Coach Faust

Some Key Results from the Kansas Relays


Jaeda Wilson, Bailey Ostrander,  Arianna Springer and Devon Bomer (season best)  


Arianna Springer, Danielle Hardcastle, Jillian Finnegan and Kate Kaufman (finished 7 spots higher than seed)



“Some very good efforts at the Sioux City Relays today by the girls as well!  All participants had to qualify.  Audrey Arnold and Katelyn Wilwerding were 6th and 8th in the 100H!” said Coach Faust



Alysa Jensen, Tara Maxwell, Katelyn Wilwerding  and Taryn Bertini (6th Class B)


Sprint Medley

Audrey Arnold, Taryn Bertini, Katelyn Wilwerding  and Presley (7th Class B)



Audrey Arnold, Tara Maxwell, Sami Parr and Taryn Bertini (8th in Class B)


Some other Sioux City Relays Qualifiers were Sydney Biermann, Haley Palmer, Haille Franzen, Alexis Hankins, Jenna Howard, Lacey Jackson, and Nicole Smith.


“Right now we are struggling as a team with some minor injuries and sickness.  How we finish the year will depend on our ability to get healthy and keep improving up until the last event. “ said Coach Joyner