Konfrst Wins H-10 Tournament Singles, Team Finished 5th

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Hawkeye Ten Tennis Tournament Results


1. Carroll Kuemper 2. Atlantic 22 3. Harlan 21 4. Denison 20 5. Glenwood 19

6. Shenandoah 11 7. Creston 9 8. Clarinda 8 9. Red Oak 4 10. St. Albert 4 11. Lewis Central 1


#1 Singles Championship

Dalton Stoaks (Shenandoah) 8-3 over Isaac Stitz (Harlan)

#1 Doubles Championship

Grant Podhajsky/Cooper McDermott (Atlantic) 9/7 over Jacob Cook/Jaden Driscoll (Creston)

#2 Singles Championship

Adam Konfrst (Glenwood) 8-4 over Cameron Pille (Carroll Kuemper)

#2 Doubles Championship

Kalob Flory/Caleb Williams (Atlantic) 8-3 over Matt Dentlinger/Colin Uhlenkamp


Going into this tournament I felt very confident in my team and even after our fifth place finish I am still confident. Alex Chekal was the unanimous number one seed in #1 Singles but was upset by Isaac Stitz in the first round 8-4. After being defeated, Alex bounced back and won three straight matches to finish in fifth place. Chekal defeated Nathan Rhedin, Dustin Merritt, and JD Hitt. Sam Lauritsen and Kris Mintle played in the #1 Doubles division and finished seventh after going 3-2 on the day. Lauritsen and Mintle defeated Goodell and Finnegan of Shenandoah 8-1 in the first round. Grant Podhasky and Cooper McDermott of Atlantic defeated Sam and Kris 8-6 in their second match. Junior Adam Konfrst played in the #2 Singles division and played fantastic throughout the day. Adam won the #2 Singles to give him his second Hawkeye Ten Title (Won #1 Doubles a season ago with Aaron Bertini) after defeating Cameron Pille (Carroll Kuemper) 8-4. Carter Benson and Josh Ruth played in the #2 Doubles division and finished in fourth place after going 1-2 on the day. Benson and Ruth defeated Christian Baer and Sam Narmi of St. Albert 8-4. Despite having a bad day the Rams still managed to score 19 team points and finished in fifth place. The Rams will go back to work tonight as they get ready to defend their back to back district championships on Thursday. The Rams have not set their lineup yet but they expect to contend for the district title at Red Oak.


#1 Singles Alex Chekal

Isaac Stitz (Harlan) 8-4 Alex Chekal

Alex Chekal 8-1 Nathan Rhedin (St. Albert)

Alex Chekal 8-2 Dustin Merritt (Creston)

Alex Chekal 6-1 JD Hitt (Clarinda)


#1 Doubles Sam Lauritsen/Kris Mintle

Sam Lauritsen 8-1 Alex Goodell/Trevor finnegan (Shenandoah)

Grant Podhajsky/Cooper McDermott (Atlantic) 8-6 Sam Lauritsen/Kris Mintle

Sam Lauritsen/Kris Mintle 8-4 Eros Fillipi-Johns/Chase Johnson (Lewis Central)

Weston Rolenc/ Carlos Guerra (Red Oak) 8-4 Sam Lauritsen/Kirs Mintle

Sam Lauritsen/Kris Mintle 8-2 Reed Miller/Cooper Bowman (St. Albert)


#2 Singles Adam Konfrst

Adam Konfrst 8-1 Walker Patterson (Creston)

Adam Konfrst 8-6 Sean Moran (Denison)

Adam Konfrst 8-4 Cameron Pille (Carroll Kuemper)


#2 Doubles Carter Benson/Josh Ruth

Carter Benson/Josh Ruth 8-4 Christian Baer/Sam Narmi (St. Albert)

Matt Dentlinger/Colin Uhlenkamp (Carroll Kuemper) 8-4 Carter Benson/Josh Ruth

Jordan Torres/ Zach Ahrenholtz (Denison) 8-2 Carter Benson/Josh Ruth