Latest News from Superintendent Devin Embray

      We are sharing this information due to the current flooding issue impacts and feel our readers may not be current parents, teachers or students.  Excellent job by the Glenwood Community School District to keep everyone informed.       

Dear Parents and Staff,

With the best of plans, there are often unforeseen obstacles.  Our well-thought-out plan from yesterday has some changes after today's meetings with local officials and EMS.  The current state of affairs is that the tanker truck infusion into the water system is working, however it is not a cost effective way to keep water in the towers until the plant can come back on line.  GMU and the County are in the process of drilling an emergency well.  DNR is involved with the process.  The County will use the tanker truck method until the emergency well is on-line.  The City and County and GMU are asking the school to reduce use immediately to conserve water until the well is on line.  They are also indicating that the new well will not be able to support the entire system on a normal daily usage. 

Because of this, and because we are one of the largest users on the system, as soon as the port o potties arrive, the School District will convert to their use at WEST, MIDDLE SCHOOL, and HIGH SCHOOL.  We were able to keep NORTHEAST on the system due to the amount of assistance it would require to get the "littles" to use them.  We are also being told that once the emergency well is on line, due to no testing being done on it, the BOIL ONLY order will be changed to NOT CONSUMED order.  That means that the water will be able to be used for flushing and showering, but not consumption EVEN if it were boiled. 

The district will move forward with all aspects of school, using bottled water distributed to the buildings on a daily basis from our drop off locations.  Students bringing their own water to school (such as students who live on wells) would be of great help in reducing the demand.  We will be in need of bottled water for several weeks from what I understand the situation to be.  We are estimating that we will require between 150 and 200 cases of water daily.  We also need gallon jugs of water for our food service for the next several days until we get our drinkable water solution on line for that department.  If you are able to donate bottled water, please drop it off at the transportation department located at 601 Railroad Ave.   If you can donate gallon jugs of drinking water for food service please drop that at the food service warehouse located next door to Northeast Elementary located at 901 North Vine St.  

Events hosted at the schools will require patrons to use the port o potties outside of the buildings.  We realize this a HUGE inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding in advance.  Sports teams/individuals will need to bring their own water to practice as we will not have any water available for them in the buildings.  We feel that the water needs of the district need to stay with the daily operations.  Thank you, Glenwood Communities, for your generous donations to keep our city functioning and our schools open.