Mason Parks and the Rams Win Creston Invitational

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Photo by Ram XC Twitter

Glenwood’s Mason Parks won the Creston Invitational last night with a time of 17:49.9 to edge out Jalen Petersen of Atlantic who finished with a time of 17:57.5. Glenwood won the overall team score with forty-five points and averaged 18:29.6 as a team. Pason Covington also ran well for the Rams finishing third with a time of 18:04.9.

The girls team also finished first place with thirty-four team points. Atlantic finished second with sixty-one. Kate Kaufman lead the way for Glenwood finishing fourth place overall with a time of 21:22.5. Aubrey McIntyre (fifth), Katelyn Malcom (seventh), Lacey Jackson (eighth), Erin Schultz (tenth) and Abi Schultz (eleventh) all finished in the top fifteen. Glenwood averaged 21:42.7 as a team. Way to go girls, very impressive team performance!

Boys Final Times for the Rams (141 total runners in the Creston Invitational)

1st Mason Parks 17:49.9

3rd Parson Covington 18:04.9

7th Sam McIntyre 18:24.4

14th Gable Thompson 18:46.6

20th Tyler Huey 19:22.2

26th William Ingels 19:53.3

29th Adison Presley 20:02.0

30th Nathan Rohrberg 20:07.0

33rd Trevor Warren 20:09.8

39th Brenden Godbout 20:31.8

51st Christian Stanislav 20:55.7

52nd Jayden Brooks 20:58.4

57th Hank Patzer 21:04.8

61st Gavin Arbogast 21:11.9

73rd Nate Hughes 21:51.9

75th Jacob Parks 21:56.6

82nd Adam Clayton 22:21.7

89th Jon Tallmon 22:38.1

9th Caleb Herrick 22:51.7


Girls Final Times for the Rams (107 total runners in the Creston Invitational)

4th Kate Kaufman 21:22.5

5th Aubrey McIntyre 21:29.0

7th Katelyn Malcom 21:46.6

8th Lacey Jackson 21:48.8

10th Erin Schultz 22:06.5

11th Abi Schultz 22:06.5

22nd Lauren Becker 22:52.4

30th Grace Presley 23:24.2

36th Nikki Schuppan 23:51.0

43rd Haley Woods 23:07.2

47th Lexi Hankins 24:29.1

51st Arianna Springer 24:49.8

62nd Sadie Randolph 25:47.3

67th Sadey Allgood 26:01.7

71st Maya Silvius 26:29.7

74th Taylor Free 27:15.7

75th Hannah McGinnis 27:17.7

76th Karlee Raymond 27:24.9

91st Caroline Bittle 29:44.9

95th Kaylin Gillespie 31:03.3