National Mentoring Month

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January is National Mentoring Month. The Glenwood community does a great job with Glenwood Community Schools-Based Mentoring Program, Mentoring with Heart. I am currently a mentor with this program and I encourage people to sign up. One hour a week can make a huge impact on both the mentor and mentee.

Glenwood's mentoring program is led by Andrea Zielstra. "Glenwood Community Schools School-Based Mentoring Program, Mentoring with Heart, would like to recognize the following mentors for their dedication, inspiration and caring attitude that they convey every week when they meet with their mentee." Andrea Zielstra

Andrea sent some awesome quotes from Middle School and High School Mentees.

"My mentor means the world to me because she is nice, helpful, keeps me safe, asks about how I’m doing in school.  She makes me a better person, she is pretty, she is funny, she helps me get better grades and be better in school and she has a GREAT personality!"  

"My mentor is really nice.  She means a lot to me and since I am going through a lot she really helps me.  She is part of me." 

"My mentor is kind, helpful and nice.  Always ready to help and fun.  My mentor jokes a lot and that is what my mentor means to me." 

"I appreciate that my mentor comes to see me every week, I look forward to seeing her.  We usually just paint or go on a walk, but I enjoy it." 

"My mentor makes me laugh and best of all we actually know each other very well.  I love spending time with her.  I love laughing with her and making her laugh.  She is a great person and I thank her for being such a great mentor.  I will always remember her."  

"My mentor gives me good advice.  She shares food with me at lunch.  She makes me feel a lot better about myself and helps my self esteem."     

"I like how my mentor listens to my problems and understands me very well." 

"My mentor is loving to me." 

"My mentor means a lot to me.  She is never late on Mondays.  She enjoys doing what I like to do and she treats me with respect.  I love her.  She is always there for me and we are not afraid to talk to each other." 

"My mentor is pretty, nice, smart, amazing, thoughtful, caring, fun." 

"My mentor is pretty, smart, funny, and always breaks the awkward silence." 

"Mentoring is pretty cool.  I feel like I can relax and express myself in front of my mentor." 

"I love my mentor.  My mentor is wonderful, fun, caring and is my friend." 

"My mentor means a lot to me.  She is always there for me when I need it and she helps me with almost anything and everything.  I love that she is there for me and that she always says great things about me.  I always say great things about her." 



Below is a list of all the mentors in Glenwood's Mentoring with Heart:

Autumn Aspedon, Ricky Billingsley, Andrew Blum, Tylar Brammer, Candace Finn, Morgan Giambalvo, Melanie Gillet, Dan Hardcastle, Sarah Harris, Alysa Jensen, Seth Kaiser, Kate Kaufman, Lauren Kolb, Taylor Kuhl, Maddie Liddell, Lauren McKee, Cody Meyers, Megan Millar, Sami Miller, Sydney Miller, Kris Mintle, Lauren Mitchell, Nate Mohr, Elisa Mulkerrin, Jennifer Myers, Marietta Nelson-Bittle, Deanne North, William Painter, Cheyenne Petersen, Hannah Peterson, Hannah Phillips, Sophia Reyes, Betsy Rosser, Sarah Rozniecki, Joshua Ruth, Mallory Ryan, Cheyenne Shaffer, Deb Stanislav, Jonathon Stavas, Chandlyr Sullivan, Lisa Tallman, Jim Thrane, Adam Tibbs, Kevin Tucker, Richard Van Dellen, Blake Von Essen, Carol Weilage, Brittnee White, Rachel Whitehouse, Genie Wickham, Kara Williams, Samantha Wilson, Terri Winum, Bob Wray, Andrea Zielstra

Thank you for your time and dedication!!

Make a difference!