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Little bit of a background:


Glenwood Community School District has brought forward a proposal for a new Glenwood Athletic Complex. The complex would approximately cost $5-$6 million dollars. What’s next for this complex proposal? A vote. The Glenwood Board of Directors are asking voters to approve additional funds from a PPEL or Physical Plant and Equipment Levy. A special election will take place where voters that are in the Glenwood Community School District can vote to pass a PPEL to reconstruct the current complex here in Glenwood.


The vote will be on Tuesday, April 4th. Voters in the Glenwood Community School District boundary may vote at the American Legion Hall (104 N. Vine Street) from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 50% of the voters need to approve in order for the project to pass. *Absentee ballots will be available on the Mills County Auditor elections website.  


Complex improvements would include the following: New track, new main entrance, larger home/visitor bleachers that are handicap accessible, larger parking for both the middle school and handicap accessible spots at the stadium, new restrooms that would also be handicap accessible, new press box, new concession stand, new artificial turf field, new locker rooms, new athletic training room, new coaches office, a storage room, fix the bridge that crosses keg creek to the high school, add another bridge that would connect the trails project to activities complex on south end, new bus drop off and parking area.


Have any questions? Below is a document that provides answers to a lot of questions for the community.


I have been broadcasting games since 2006 and have sat down in many bleachers/stadiums from around the area. Our current complex is not the greatest and at first glance might not look that bad but until I went down and actually looked closely at all the signs of a complex needing an upgrade. This past football season I broadcasted in five different football stadium booths. Glenwood’s was by far the worst of any stadium. Most schools have a large enough press box for home and away media. Glenwood’s press box is packed so badly that our own football coaches have to go on the roof to call plays and to film. Besides lacking space the press box needs many updates to be on par with a lot schools.


I recently sent out a couple of emails asking a few coaches and staff members to give their input on the new complex and why they think the upgrade would benefit the community.


Below is a letter of support from Head Football Coach Cory Faust


Football Coach Cory Faust- “Five years ago, I made a tough decision to leave a school where I was very comfortable.  There was a lot of pride in the community and the football program.  When I made the decision to move to Glenwood, a lot of people questioned my decision.  They didn’t see the potential that I saw here.  I could see that the school and football program had the ability to grow and become one of the best in the state.”


“In the last five seasons, we have seen the football program achieve some great accomplishments.  The 2015 team shared a district championship for just the second time in school history.  The 2016 team was the first ever to play in the UNI-Dome and the second team in program history to make the state semifinals.”


“A big reason for our success in recent years is due to the simple fact that more people at Glenwood have made football a big deal.  From the players to the parents to the boosters, there has been an extra commitment to giving it our best shot on a consistent basis.”


“We need your help in continuing to take our programs to the next level!  We are thrilled that the Glenwood Community School Board has allowed us to propose and inform the community about a new activities complex for the Glenwood High School.  As we enter our 101st season of Glenwood football, this is a perfect time for change.”


“This new and improved complex will help all outdoor sports, our great band program, the outstanding cheer and dance teams, our physical education programs, as well as countless other organizations in our community.  The complex will be a great resource for thousands of students as well as a source of pride for our entire community.”

“The proposed new complex will have a synthetic field turf surface.  The multiple usage for so many activities and programs is a great advantage that will come with the field turf. The football field is a large space that in the past has gone largely untouched by anyone (except the football team in season) because we were always trying to get or keep it in great playing condition. With field turf, you have a year round facility for a lot of different students and organizations. Besides Glenwood High School activities, camps, clinics, and youth tournaments will now be able to be held on this new first class facility.”


“From a strictly football perspective, you are seeing more and more turf fields every year.  I think 10 years ago it was thought of as a luxury item, but now with cost coming down and the product improving, it is starting to become more and more the norm.  Seven of our nine regular season opponents during this scheduling cycle either currently have field turf, or are in the process of raising funds to have it.  Treynor, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis Central, Missouri Valley, Harlan, and Plattsmouth are some of the surrounding schools who currently have field turf.  Field turf allows us to practice on the field we are going to play on, it reduces injuries, and it limits the wear and tear on our other grass fields.”


“In addition to the field turf field, the track will be resurfaced, the bleachers and press box will be new, and the old field house buildings will be taken down and replaced with much more modern, eye appealing buildings.  The facility will be first class and be better than any of the other complexes in the area.  Thousands of students, athletes, and fans will be able to enjoy this state of the art facility over the next 50+ years!”


“All you need to do to help support this project is to vote. The special election will be held on Tuesday, April 4th from 12:00 - 8:00 pm. If for any reason you are unavailable, there are other options to make sure your vote is counted. Currently you can stop into the Courthouse Auditor’s office and cast your vote anytime between now and 11:00 AM on April 4th.  You may also vote by absentee ballot. You can obtain an absentee ballot from the Auditor’s office, send a request to , or go online to and print the request form.  Not registered to vote? We can help with that as well, just drop us an email at and we will send you the needed forms.”


“Again, thanks for all you’ve done for me and our community.  Thanks for your help in giving Glenwood Community School an outstanding complex, and giving many students an outstanding opportunity for many years to come.”




Cory Faust


Middle School Activities Director and Boys Track Coach Mark Starner-

1) Why we need a new stadium?


“In my 23 years coaching in Glenwood, I would say there has been less than a handful of updated projects on the facility.  In my best estimation below are the updates,

  • the bathroom and extended locker room at the field house was built my first year in the district (1995),

  • the new video/scoreboard and timing system,

  • the covered area enclosure between the football/track concession stand and the Ram Shack,

  • the visiting bleachers

  • the moving of the District's Print Shop and converting to a Girls XC and Track locker room.

  • the track was last refinished in 2000 and patched annually, but has surpassed its longevity and is desperately in need of repair.  

Almost a quarter of a century has passed with only 6 major items having been completed to the complex.  The facility needs a facelift and in my opinion has been neglected for too long.  We can't just try to patch all the items that need to be replaced.  (Track Surface, Press Box, Bleachers, Restrooms, Locker Rooms, Concession Stands, Ticket Booths and Football Field)” Mark Starner


2. How it affects the community in a good way not just the high school


“Having spent a large portion of my teaching and coaching time at the facility (whether it be for coaching football, track, baseball, softball, or fulfilling my MS AD duties and summer camp activities over the past 23 years) the facility is used throughout the every day of the year at all hours of the day.  Whether it's the track or stadium stairs being used by community members for fitness purposes, the hosting of activities by organizations (Relay for Life),  the YMCA and other Youth programs using the facility for a variety of activities and tournaments.  The facility gets a lot of use, and it's showing its amount usage.  On top of the community usage of the facility; the school has multiple groups that also utilize the the entire complex.  MS and HS Physical Education classes, MS & HS Football, Cross Country, MS Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Cheerleaders, Dance Team, Marching/Pep Band.” Mark Starner


“I've spent a lot time at the complex over my years as a teacher/coach and I've been in and have utilized every building at the facility in some fashion.  A lot things are getting worn out and ran down through the everyday wear and tear.  I believe the district has done a pretty good job of maintaining the facility in order to keep it functional, but in my opinion that standard sets the bar pretty low.   With a school district our size and quality of programs we want to offer for our students, I believe it's time to do it right.  Not to keep up with the Harlan's, Denison's, Carroll's, Treynor's, etc. to rival their new facilities, but to honestly do what needs to be done that will match the beautiful HS Building and Facilities we currently have and definitely something that will make our community proud to host contests.” Mark Starner


Below is a list of areas where people can find out more information on this project.


Information and Answers to questions about the complex:


Glenwood Youth Action Committee’s Facebook Page- Has more detail and pictures on the current and possible future complex.


Written out information on the complex


You can vote today by requesting an absentee ballot

Download an absentee ballot request form

*Signed and completed absentee ballot request forms must be delivered to your county auditor.

Remember to vote on April 4th at the American Legion from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Stay tuned in next week for a follow up with Activities Director Jeff Bissen.