Pair for the Ages

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Friday night Ram Fans have the opportunity to watch two of the most decorated players in Glenwood Basketball’s History. The Rams will host Denison in a girl/boy double header. The girls will begin at 6:00 pm with the boys to follow. Both the girls and boys will have their SENIOR NIGHT.


Rewind to the winter of 2014. Two freshman would step onto Glenwood’s basketball court as varsity players for the first time. One is number 3 and one is number 12. A point guard and a forward that would one day break Ram basketball records of all sorts. Those two basketball players are now widely known as Nate Mohr and Andrew Blum. With their final home game approaching I thought it would be fun for all the fans to read up on both Mohr and Blum’s career numbers.


From winter 2014 to February 8th, 2018 Blum and Mohr have won sixty-six varsity games. The two have combined to score 2,573 points. Yes, they are one and two in the all-time scoring list. Grabbed down 833 rebounds, assisted on 569 baskets, stole 310 basketballs, swatted 84 shots and have hit 332 three pointers. As of now their career game win/loss record is 66-26. A winning percentage that sits at 71%. That is a lot of numbers, I know but there are more to come.


Nate Mohr currently sits with 1,319 total points which is the most all time for an individual's career in Glenwood. The senior has hit 232 pointers, assisted on 361 baskets (new Glenwood career record) and has created 186 steals.


Andrew Blum is not too far behind in scoring. Blum currently sits at 1,254 total career points. He has grabbed 833 rebounds, assisted on 208 baskets, created 124 steals and blocked 69 shots.


As a fan I enjoy keeping up with these numbers but if you would ask both Mohr and Blum they wouldn’t have a clue. For now the boys have one state tournament appearance, two conference titles and three district champions. The team accomplishments are what Mohr and Blum currently want to add too. These two seniors along with their entire basketball team want to make a trip back to the Wells Fargo Arena but for now as fans enjoy watching these to play with Glenwood on front of their jersey.


As always, GO RAMS!