Ram Athletes Among Best in H-10 Stats

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I took a deep look into the Hawkeye 10 Baseball and Softball statistics to show how our Ram's stack up in the Hawkeye 10.

*Note (All stats are from games before 6/25/2016)


Hawkeye 10 Baseball


Batting Average (Minimun 45 at bats)

Alec Mass (Lewis Central)- .515

Cole Loeffelbein (GLENWOOD)- .500

Mavrick Decker (GLENWOOD)- .466

Bryce Neal (Clarinda)- .455

Kolton Wilwerding (GLENWOOD)- .419



Joel Thompson (Lewis Central)- 39

Kyle Juhl (Harlan)- 37

Tyler Laing (Kuemper)- 28

Jacob Wallace (Kuemper)- 26

Dane Theobald (Lewis Central)- 26

Cole Loeffelbein (GLENWOOD)- 22



Cole Loeffelbein (GLENWOOD)- 12

Tyler Laing (Kuemper)- 11

Ryan Hawkins (Atlantic)- 9

Brendon Holmes (Atlantic)- 9

Caleb Shudak (Lewis Central)- 9

Josh Cheek (Harlan)- 8

Mavrick Decker (GLENWOOD)- 7

Cade Van Ness (GLENWOOD)- 7



Cole Loeffelbein (GLENWOOD)- 36

Mavrick Decker (GLENWOOD)- 34

Jacob Wallace (Kuemper)- 34

Rease Snyder (Kuemper)- 34

Alec Mass (Lewis Central)- 34



Hawkeye 10 Softball


Batting Average (Minimum 45 at bats)

Sara Ingoldsby (GLENWOOD)- .511

Logan Schaben (Harlan)- .511

Allison Bruck (Harlan)- .511

Alexis Handel (Atlantic)- .457

Ashtyn Miller (Lewis Central)- .446


Home Runs

Alexis Handel (Atlantic)- 8

Logan Schaben (Harlan)- 8

Brielle Smith (GLENWOOD)- 4

Allie Wolf (Lewis Central)- 4

Bailey Clark (St. Albert)- 4



Alexis Handel (Atlantic)- 33

Brooke Newell (Atlantic)- 33

Taylor Briley (Creston)- 30

Lyndie Van Ness (GLENWOOD)- 30

Hannah Segebart (Denison)- 27



Logan Schaben (Harlan)- 46

Sara Ingoldsby (GLENWOOD)- 45

Brooke Newell (Atlantic)- 39

Myranda Starner (GLENWOOD)- 39

Bailey Nicols (Kuemper)- 39

Stolen Bases

Molly Dean (GLENWOOD)- 25

Alex Mohr (Denison)- 20

Erin Olsen (Atlantic)- 18

Logan Schaben (Harlan) 15

Sara Ingoldsby (GLENWOOD)- 14










Photo by Harding Photography

Stats via Quikstatsiowa