Ram Soccer Split Games on Saturday

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Picture from Coach Lovato

Saturday the Glenwood Boys Soccer Team played two games. The Rams defeated Underwood by a score of 5-0 on the first game. Goals for Glenwood came from Alley, Palmer, Renshaw, Vadillo and Van Slyke.

"We played a good first 10 minutes of the first half. We scored and we possessed the ball. Our communication levels dropped for the next 30 minutes and we were not able to control the game. The second half started and the communication levels elevated and so did the play. We possessed and controlled the second half, we were able to put 4 more into the net." said Coach Lovato


"I am happy for the boys. I was a great rebound from the disappointing loss Thursday night. All levels played well when communicating with each other. We were able to connect more passes, and dictate the tempo. We had multiple boys get their firsts on Varsity: Alley and Palmer with goals. Finn with the start and assist, Neuhalfen with an assist. It was a game for the boys to build upon." said Lovato

In the second game Glenwood lost to Johnston 0-6.

"The game was out of our reach half way through the first half. Johnston is a top 10 3A school, and played a more controlled and better game than us. We had our bright spots. We were able to hold play at the offensive end at times, build from the back, and put together some good runs. I enjoy playing teams of this caliber. It shows the boys the big picture of what Coach Ruth and I see in the boy’s future. It demonstrates how we want the boys to play, the movement on and off the ball, and lastly the communication needed to be a top 10 team on a consistent basis." said Coach Lovato






*Picture from Coach Lovato