Ram Tennis Crowned Champs at the Fillies Invite

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Saturday Glenwood Girls Tennis Team traveled to Shenandoah for the 2017 Fillies Tennis Invitational. Glenwood tied with Shenandoah with twelve overall team points but the Rams were crowned champions after winning the head to head tiebreaker. Denison finished third with eleven team points and St. Albert finished fourth with five points. The number one doubles team of Brooklyn Taylor and Ruby Crow on the tournament after defeating J. Beck and R. Heilesen of Denison 6-2, 6-2 in the finals. The number two doubles team of Brielle Smith and Sierra Stouder won the tournament after defeating Cepeda and Gilbert of Shenandoah. Ellie Osterloh took third place in number one singles after defeating Faust of St. Albert 7-5, 6-4. Cameron Rounds defeated Johnson of Denison to finish third in number two singles.


Coach Ohm's comments on the win.

"Tough competition for Ellie at the number one singles with Jacque Ingram and Sarah Woods being great players. (Ellie) Pushed through and fought to finish third place." said Ohm


"Cameron played her first round against Shenandoah's number two girl (she is currently number seven on the team) then she played great against the Saint Albert girl. Cameron pretty much dominated her and did exactly what we asked her to do." said Ohm


"Both doubles teams were very aggressive at the net which helped win points. Ruby and Brooklyn started off a little bit slow but started playing together and communicating on the court. They also took control of the first match and then took care of the second one pretty easily. Sierra and Brielle pretty much dominated both of their matches Sierra was very aggressive at the net while Brielle's serve was spot on most of the day." said Ohm




#1 Singles

1st rd

J. Ingram (Den) over E. Osterloh (Glen) 1,4,1-0(6)

S. Wood (Shen) over C. Faust (S.A.) 2,0



E. Osterloh (Glen) over C. Faust (S.A.) 5,4

Championship S. Wood (Shen) over J. Ingram (Den) 3,4


#2 Singles

1st rd

Nichole Gilbert (Shen) over C. Rounds (Glen) 0,0

M. Ahrenholtz (Den) over A. Johnson (S.A.) 4,0



C. Rounds (Glen) over A. Johnson (S.A.) 2,1


Championship Nichole Gilbert (Shen) over M. Ahrenholtz (Den) 3,4


#1 Doubles

1st rd

B. Taylor & R. Crow (Glen) over S. Fields & J. Carlson (S.A.) 4,2,1-0(7)

J. Beck & R. Heilesen (Den) over D. Bopp & M. Adkins (Shen) 4,1



S. Fields & J. Carlson (S.A.) over D. Bopp & M. Adkins (Shen) 6(6),0



B. Taylor & R. Crow (Glen) over J. Beck & R. Heilesen (Den) 2,2


#2 Doubles

1st rd

M. Cepeda & Natalie Gilbert (Shen) over M. Gierstorf & O. Schumacher (Den) 2,4,1-0(4)

B. Smith & S. Stouder (Glen) over H. Siegrist & R. Wolford (S.A.) 0,1



M. Gierstorf & O. Schumacher (Den) over H. Siegrist & R. Wolford (S.A.) 1,1



B. Smith & S. Stouder (Glen) over Cepeda & Natalie Gilbert (Shen) 2,3




Picture from Coach Ohm