Ram Track Sweeps COED Home Meet

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Last night Glenwood hosted a Hawkeye 10 Southern COED Meet. The Rams would not disappoint their home crowd as they swept the competition.  The girls won the meet with 157.5 total points while the boys won their meet with 170 points. Shenandoah would finish second in both girls and boys. Coach Faust provided some highlights on the girls performances.

"Aubrey McIntyre ran the 4th fastest 3000 in school history. The Shuttle Hurdle Relay Team of Miranda Ruth, Olivia Scarborough, Molly Dean, and Katelyn Wilwerding ran the 6th fastest time in school history. Molly Dean ran the 6th fastest 100 hurdle time in school history in her first try at that event, and also ran the 7th fastest 400 hurdle time in school history.Returning state place winner Linnaea Konfrst set PRs in both the shot put and discus." Coach Faust


First place finishes for Glenwood last night


Discus Cody Sorenson 1st place with 123-07 (Kyle Griffin finished 2nd with 122-05)

Shot Put Nate Serrano 1st place with 44-05 (Caleb Sanders finished 2nd with 42-07.5)

Long Jump Kyle Murtfeld 1st place with 22-02 (Kolten Wilwerding finished 2nd with 19-02.5)

4x800 Glenwood won with 8:41.47 (Springer, Jaron, Salerno, Victor)

100M Dash Josh Lee 1st place with 11.94

400M Dash Caleb Peterse1st place with 52.78

4x200 Glenwood won with 1:43.47 (Saddler, Nebel, Kennedy, McFarlin)

400M Hurdles Carter Von Essen 1st place with 57.23 (Caleb Petersen finished 2nd with 58.02)

Distance Medley Glenwood won with 3:54.10 (Nebel, Kennedy, Watson, Springer)

800M Andrew Blum 1st place with 2:11.18 (Seth Little finished 2nd with 2:14.46)

4x400 Glenwood won with 3:31.73 (Petersen, Watson, Kennedy, Von Essen)



Discus Linnaea Konfrst 1st place with 127-05 (Myranda Starner finished 2nd with 101-09)

Shot Put Linnaea Konfrst 1st place with 39-00

4x800 Glenwood won with 10:41.06 (Wilwerding, Springer, Mixan, Starner)

4x100 Shuttle Hurdle Glenwood won with 1:08.34 (Ruth, Scarborough, Wilwerding, Dean)

400M Dash Devon Bomer 1st place with 1:05.07

4x200 Glenwood won with 1:53.61 (Starner, Springer, Jensen, Scarborough)

100M Hurdles Molly Dean 1st place with 16.36 

400M Hurdles Molly Dean 1st place with 1:07.96 (Katelyn Wilwerding finished 2nd with 1:13.42)

800 Sprint Medley Glenwood won with 2:04.21 (Jensen, Mixan, Scarborough, Bomer)

4x100 Glenwood won with 53.82 (Bomer, Clark, Ruth, Mixan)

4x400 Glenwood won with 4.28.85 (Springer, Clark, Starner, Ruth) 



Final Boys Results

1. Glenwood

2. Shenandoah

3. Clarinda

4. Creston

5. Red Oak


Final Girls Results

1. Glenwood

2. Shenandoah

3. Creston

4. Clarinda 

5. Red Oak