Rams Run Strong in the Harlan Heat

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Harlan hosted their annual HCSD Cross Country Meet on Saturday and the Rams finished first and second. The conditions were rare for September as temperatures were in the 90s but that didn’t stop Glenwood from competing at a high level. The girls finished in first with fifty-seven team points. Glenwood averaged 21:34.05 as a team which was four seconds faster than the second place team in Atlantic. The boys finished second with eighty-two team points and averaged a time of 18:40.95.


Glenwood’s depth came through again in Harlan. The girls had four runners finish in the top twelve individually. Lacey Jackson was Glenwood’s top finisher who ran a 21:13.34. Jackson’s time was good enough to finish in seventh place. Kate Kaufman, Aubrey McIntyre and Katelyn Malcom all finished in the top twelve for Glenwood.


Thomas Jefferson edged out the Rams in the boys division. T.J. scored fifty-eight points as a team and finished with an average time of 18:23.85. Parson Covington finished fourth individually with a time of 18:02.02 to lead the Rams. Mason Parks finished sixth individually with a time of 18:08.11.

Glenwood Individual Times


7th Lacey Jackson 21:08.75

8th Kate Kaufman 21:16.62

9th Aubrey McIntyre 21:17.96

12th Katelyn Malcom 21:40.87

26th Abi Schultz 22:21.46

27th Erin Schultz 22:23.90

31st Lauren Becker 22:45.62


4th Parson Covington 18:02.02

6th Mason Parks 18:08.11

14th Sam McIntyre 18:35.37

26th Tyler Huey 19:03.30

32nd Gable Thompson 19:35.93

50th William Ingels 20:13.08

57th Adison Presley 20:27.58



Team Scores



1st Glenwood

2nd Atlantic

3rd Denison

4th Harlan

5th ALHS

6th Thomas Jefferson


8th Lewis Central

9th Underwood

10th Red Oak

11th Riverside

12th St. Albert

13th Treynor



1st Thomas Jefferson

2nd Glenwood

3rd Lewis Central

4th Harlan

5th Abraham Lincoln

6th St. Albert

7th Atlantic

8th Denison

9th Red Oak

10th Treynor

11th Underwood

12th AHSTW

13th Riverside

14th East Mills