Recent History Gives Glenwood and Atlantic Reason for Rivalry

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Recent History Gives Glenwood and Atlantic Reason for Rivalry

Glenwood and Atlantic both won on Monday night setting up to play for the third time this season. Glenwood and Atlantic are schedule to play in the district final on Thursday night. The game is currently scheduled in Glenwood Thursday night (weather pending).

For the fifth time in a row, Glenwood and Atlantic will end one of the others basketball seasons. 2013-14 Glenwood defeated Atlantic 66-55 in the district final. 2014-15 Glenwood defeated Atlantic 70-69 at Atlantic in the first round of districts. 2015-16 Glenwood defeated Atlantic 63-61 in the district final. 2016-17 Atlantic defeated Glenwood 69-68 at Harlan in the sub-state final. 2017-18 Glenwood or Atlantic will have the opportunity to once again end the others season.


Since the 2013-14 district final where Glenwood ended Atlantic’s season, the two teams have played eleven times. Atlantic has won seven. Glenwood has won four. The latest matchup between these two rivals was back on January 9th. A game where Glenwood had four technical fouls and lost 59-41 on the road.  The Rams shot 15-50 from the floor including 3-26 from three point range. Atlantic shot 19-35 on the night while knocking down 17-22 free throws at home. The Trojans outrebounded the Rams 34-22 on the night. December 12th, 2017 both these teams faced each other for the first time of this 2017-18 season. Glenwood won 64-31 over Atlantic in Glenwood. The Rams shot 26-54 on the night while the Trojans shot 9-39 (3-21 from 3-point land).


Atlantic (14-8) comes into this game winning seven of their last eight games. Their only loss in that stretch was against undefeated Treynor 66-62 back on February 9th. Glenwood (20-2) comes into this matchup winning six of their last seven games. Glenwood’s only loss in that stretch was to Omaha Skutt Catholic 67-58 on the road.


Both of these teams are loaded with some of the best talent in the Hawkeye Ten. Atlantic is lead by 6’6” senior Scott Leonard. Scott is averaging 16.8 ppg this season and is also great on the boards. Senior guard Austin Alexander is listed at 6’7” and is averaging 16.3 ppg while shooting 40% from three-point land. Both Leonard and Alexander are playing college ball next season. Chase Mullenix is the x-factor for this Trojan team. Mullenix is a great defender and leads the Trojans with fifty-four steals on the season.  


The match-up on Thursday will be must see high school basketball. Two teams and two towns that enjoy playing great games against one another.


Glenwood vs. Atlantic recent games vs. each other

2013-14 Glenwood 66 Atlantic 65 (district final)

12/16/14 Atlantic 59 Glenwood 51 (regular season)

1/13/15 Atlantic 66 Glenwood 65 (regular season)

2/23/15 Glenwood 70 Atlantic 69 (1st round of districts)

12/15/15 Atlantic 57 Glenwood 48 (regular season)

1/12/16 Glenwood 75 Atlantic 65 (regular season)

2/25/16 Glenwood 63 Atlantic 61 (district final)

12/13/16 Atlantic 72 Glenwood 67 (regular season)

1/10/17 Atlantic 68 Glenwood 62 (regular season)

2/27/17 Atlantic 69 Glenwood 68 (sub-state final)

12/12/17 Glenwood 64 Atlantic 31 (regular season)

1/9/18 Atlantic 58 Glenwood 41 (regular season)

2/22/18 TBD