Ram Tennis Picks Up 6th Win vs. TJ

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Glenwood boys tennis traveled to Council Bluffs and took on the Yellowjackets. The Rams won the meet 9-0 over Thomas Jefferson and are now 6-0 on the season.


1. Sam Lauritsen 8-1 Daniel Krueger

2. Alex Chekal 8-4 Cole Horngerger

3. Aaron Bertini 8-0 Josephy Thach

4. Adam Konfrst 8-0 Tyler Belt

5. Sean Harper 8-1 Alandre Starks

6. Ethan Thompson 8-1 Nik Tallent



1. Lauritsen/Chekal 8-4 Krueger/Hornberger

2. Bertini/Konfrst 8-0 Belt/Starks

3. Harper/Thompson 8-6 Thach/Tallent

Girls Tennis Bounces Back, Defeats Harlan

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After a close loss on Monday the girls tennis team bounced back with a great road win vs. the Cyclones. The Rams defeated the Cyclones 8-1. Junior Abby Osterloh picked up a great win at the number one position beating Senior Jessica DuVal 9-8 (7-4). "(Abby) Osterloh led DuVal 5-4 but then DuVal got the next two games to go up 6-5. DuVal would keep the lead until Osterloh tied it up at 8-8. Osterloh would win the tie breaker 7-4." said Coach Ohm. The girls are now 5-1 overall.

Keep up the good work ladies. Go Rams!


Ram Tennis Sweeps the Cyclones

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A perfect day for tennis ended with almost a perfect night for the Rams. Glenwood hosted Harlan yesterday in a tennis match. The boys defeated the Cyclones 9-0. Ram Tennis is now 5-0 on the season with two more matches this week. (at T.J. Thursday and home vs. Red Oak Friday) Alex Checkal, Aaron Bertini, Adam Konfrst, and Ethan Thompson all continued their undefeated singles streaks.  The doubles team of Aaron Bertini and Adam Konfrst continued their undefeated streak to 5-0.

Spring Sports Conference Ranking Updates

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Boys Golf (Dual Wins)

Clarinda 5-0

Atlantic 3-0

Harlan 2-0

Red Oak 2-0

Glenwood 1-0

Denison-Schleswig 0-1

Kuemper 0-1

Shenandoah 0-1

St. Albert 0-1

Creston 0-2

Lewis Central 0-3


Girls Golf (Dual Wins)

Atlantic 3-0

Denison-Schleswig 2-0

Shenandoah 1-0

Clainda 2-1

Creston 2-1

Glenwood 1-1

Harlan 1-1

Red Oak 1-1

Kuemper 0-1

St. Albert 0-1

Lewis Central 0-3


Girls Soccer (Conference W/L)

St. Albert 2-0

Red Oak's Doubles Help Defeat Girls Tennis

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This afternoon the girls tennis team played indoors due to the rain at Red Oak. The Tigers would give the Rams their first loss of the season 3-6. After singles, Glenwood and Red Oak were tied 3-3. In doubles play is where the Tigers would close up their victory winning all three matches. The Rams are now 4-1 on the season.



1. Abby Osterloh 4-8 Sarah Behrens

2. Sam Umberger 8-5 Bailey Bruce

3. Ellie Osterloh 8-5 Macy Baker

4. Ruby Crow 8-6 Jordyn Cornelison

5. Brooklyn Taylor 8-9 (4-7) Syd Streicher

Boys Tennis Picks Up Fourth Win vs. Atlantic

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Tonight the Glenwood boys tennis team faced off against the Atlantic Trojans. The Rams won the match 6-3. In singles Glenwood won 4-2 and in doubles they won 2-1. The Rams are now 4-0 and 30-6 in total games played. Keep up the good work boys. Go Rams!

1. Sam Lauritsen 8-10 Grant Podhajsky
2. Alex Chekal 10-2 Cooper McDermott
3. Aaron Bertini 10-4 Kalob Flory
4. Adam Konfrst 10-3 Caleb Williams
5. Sean Harper 10-11 Luke Hohenberger
6. Ethan Thompson 10-2 William Weppler

1. Chekal/Lauritsen 7-10 Podhajsky/McDermott

Girls Tennis Sweeps the Trojans

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Tonight the girls tennis team grabbed another impressive victory over the Atlantic Trojans. The girls defeated Atlantic 9-0. Glenwood is now 4-0 on the season. Keep up the good work ladies! Go Rams


1. Abby Osterloh 8-1 Jena Brosam

2. Ellie Osterloh 8-2 Olivia Davis

3. Sam Umberger 8-0 Kyja Arnold

4. Ruby Crow 8-0 Heather Freund

5. Brookyln Taylor 8-1 Carly Westphalen

6. Sierra Stouder 8-3 Alexis Boes


1. Osterloh/Umberger 8-1 Brosam/Davis

2. Osterloh/Taylor 8-4 Arnold/Freund

Boys Tennis Stays Undefeated Defeats the Titans

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A tough road match for the boys tennis team as they faced Lewis Central on the road last night. The Rams picked up four singles wins and two doubles wins to secure the victory 6-3 over Lewis Central. Both Adam Konfrst and Ethan Thompson won their singles 8-1. Alex Chekal continued to dominate the number two singles by beating Colton Lear 8-3. Aaron Bertini had a closer battle with Blake Elam but in the end Aaron closed out Elam 8-5. The best win on the night for Glenwood went to the number one doubles team of Juniors Sam Lauritsen and Alex Chekal.

#3 Doubles Match Helps Lady Ram Tennis Start 3-0

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Last night the girls tennis team hosted Lewis Central for a Hawkeye 10 match up. The girls defeated the Titans 5-4 in a close tennis match. Ruby Crow and Sierra Stouder's double match closed it out for the Rams. They won 8-5 in the number three doubles.  The girls are now 3-0 on the season and will travel tonight to take on the Trojans of Atlantic. Good luck ladies and keep up the hard work!

GO Rams!

Varsity Scores


1. Abby Osterloh 5-8 Ally Bergsten

2. Ellie OSterloh 8-3 Hannah Moen

3. Sam Umberger 8-0 Heather Henderson

Boys Tennis Gets Second Win with Another Shut Out

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Last night the boys tennis team traveled to Corning, Iowa and took on Southwest Valley. The Rams won 9-0 getting their second shut out in a row. The Rams are now 2-0 on the season and 18-0 in total games played. Glenwood will go on the road again Monday at Lewis Central before having their home opener Tuesday vs. Atlantic.


1. Sam Lauritsen 8-6 Dalton Davis

2. Alex Chekal 8-2 Nic Frede

3. Aaron Bertini 8-0 Bryce Newton

4. Adam Konfrst 8-2 John Kinser

5. Sean Harper 8-2 Quenten Scott

6. Ethan Thompson 8-2 Trevor Holbrook


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